Football Data and Analytics with a Geographic Approach

A focus on providing football data at a state level and analyzing all levels of football from a geographic perspective.

Distribution Map

Our interactive map highlights the distribution of football teams and players across the United States.

The maps span all levels of play (from high school to the NFL) and allow users to select a variety of categories that provide insights into where teams and players come from.

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Top 12 State Rankings

1 South Carolina --
2 Massachusetts --
3 Georgia --
4 Pennsylvania --
5 Alabama --
6 Wisconsin --
7 Texas --
8 Virginia --
9 Missouri --
10 Washington --
11 Oklahoma --
12 California --

During the season, SbS Football analyzes the performance of each state's unique football profile and compares how states rank versus one another.  Please visit our Methodology page for more details on the state rankings.

Rankings as of February 8, 2017

Fantasy League

A simulated fantasy football league in which the teams are based on the hometown states of current NFL players.

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