SbS Fantasy League: Playoff Quarterfinals

December 9, 2014 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

During the 2014 NFL season, SbS Football is simulating a fantasy football league in which the teams are based on the hometown states of current NFL players.  For more information on the league, including how the teams were developed, league rules and the weekly schedule, please see our Season Preview.
Quarterfinal Results
Game 1: Georgia / SC defeated Midwest (126.9 - 80.8)
Analysis: Led by Cam Newton (34.6 points) and A.J. Green (28.4 points), the Georgia / SC team put up a huge week and advanced to the Semifinals; already without Andre Ellington, Georgia / SC may also be without Newton in the semis.

Game 2: California defeated Florida (104.8 - 85.0)

Analysis: The California team advanced to the Semifinals as Aaron Rodgers (28.2 points), Arian Foster (20.8 points), and Julian Edelman (20.5 points) all scored more than 20 points; California will play the Northeast team in the semis.

Playoff Semifinals
Georgia / SC (Eastern #2) vs Gulf Region (Western #1)
California (Western #2) vs Northeast (Eastern #1)

Final Regular Season Standings