SbS Fantasy League: Week 13 Results

December 2, 2014 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

During the 2014 NFL season, SbS Football is simulating a fantasy football league in which the teams are based on the hometown states of current NFL players.  For more information on the league, including how the teams were developed, league rules and the weekly schedule, please see our Season Preview.

Week 13 Results
Game 1: Florida defeated Gulf Region (90.4 - 81.4)
Analysis: Led by 23.7 points from Antonio Brown, the Florida team spoiled the Gulf Region team's perfect season and earned a playoff berth in the process; Florida finished 3rd in the Eastern Division, while the Gulf Region won the Western Division.

Game 2: Ohio River Valley defeated Midwest (88.9 - 75.9)

Analysis: The Ohio River Valley team got huge weeks from Ben Roethlisberger (28.6 points) and Le'Veon Bell (31.4 points), but even with the victory, it did not qualify for the playoffs; the Midwest team sneaked into the playoffs as the #3 seed from the Western Division.

Game 3: California defeated Georgia / SC (96.6 - 76.3)
Analysis: The California team won its second in a row thanks to big games from Aaron Rodgers (26.6 points) and C.J. Anderson (24.5 points); both teams finished second in their division and California finished with the most points of any team during the regular season.

Game 4: Mid-Atlantic defeated Texas (104.1 - 103.1)
Analysis: The Mid-Atlantic team prevented the Texas team from making the playoffs as five players scored at least 17.0 points (Russell Wilson, Rashad Jennings, Keenan Allen, Torrey Smith and Connor Barth); neither team made the playoffs.

Game 5: Northeast defeated West (83.7 - 76.8)
Analysis: The Northeast team clinched first place in the Eastern Division as it got strong games from Matt Ryan (23.5 points) and LeSean McCoy (21.9 points); the West team failed to make the playoffs.

Playoff Seedings and Week 14 Games
Georgia / SC (Eastern #2) vs Midwest (Western #3)
California (Western #2) vs Florida (Eastern #3)

Byes: Northeast (Eastern #1): plays winner of California vs Florida
          Gulf Region (Western #1): plays winner of Georgia / SC vs Midwest

Box Scores