ACC Championship - Top 12 Roster Facts

December 4, 2015 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

The ACC Championship game between Clemson and North Carolina will take place in Charlotte on Saturday night, and it’s the one conference championship game of the weekend that many are predicting will cause chaos for the selection of teams in the 2015 College Football Playoffs.

The Clemson Tigers have been ranked #1 in the CFP rankings since they were first released in early November, but they are facing a Tar Heels team that has not lost since the first weekend of the season and is averaging 50 points a game over the last month.

If Clemson wins, they are a lock to make the playoffs.  However, if North Carolina wins, there are many teams in addition to the Tar Heels who will be making their claim for a playoff spot.

Although both teams are located approximately two hours from Charlotte, the Tar Heels may have a slight home advantage as they have several key players who are from the Charlotte area, including starting Quarterback Marquise Williams and the team’s leading rusher Elijah Hood. 

The state of North Carolina is known as a basketball state, but right now it’s a football state.  In addition to Saturday night’s big game, the Charlotte Panthers are the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL and are the current favorite to represent the NFC in Super Bowl 50.

In preparation for Saturday’s showdown in the “State of Football”, we provide the following top 12 facts (in no particular order) of where the players in the ACC Championship game are from (other title games: Big Ten, Pac-12).

Top 12 Roster Facts

1. Almost half of each team’s roster consists of players from its home state. Approximately 49% of Clemson players are from South Carolina and approximately 48% of the Tar Heels roster is from North Carolina.

2. There are 18 players on the Tigers roster from the state of North Carolina.

3. There are 4 players on the Tar Heels roster from the state of South Carolina.

4. Clemson has only two players on its roster who are from west of the Mississippi River (Arkansas and Hawaii).

5. There is almost twice as many Power 5 players from the state of North Carolina (268) as there are Power 5 players from the state of South Carolina (138).

6. There is only one starter from either team who is from west of the Mississippi River: Tar Heels Linebacker Jeff Schoettmer is from Dallas, Texas.

7. There are 23 players on the North Carolina roster and 4 players on the Clemson roster who are from the Charlotte area.

8. The Tar Heels have 4 current starters from the Charlotte area, including Quarterback Marquise Williams and Running Back Elijah Hood.

9. All of Clemson’s starters are from a southeastern State.

10. Heisman Candidate Deshaun Watson is one of four Tiger starters who is from the state of Georgia; the Sophomore Quarterback is from Gainesville, Georgia (85 miles southwest of Clemson).

11. North Carolina has six current starters from the state of Florida, and all six are from the Jacksonville area.

12. There is only one player from either team who is from the state of California; Tommy Bancroft, a Freshman Deep Snapper for the Tar Heels, is from La Jolla, California.

Sources: full rosters per official team websites (as of August 10, 2015) and starters based on week 13 participation reports.