Big Ten Championship - Top 12 Roster Facts

December 4, 2015 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

The Big Ten Championship game between Iowa and Michigan State will take place in Indianapolis on Saturday night, and it’s the only conference championship game of the weekend that appears to be a play-in game for a spot in the 2015 College Football Playoffs.

The Hawkeyes are undefeated and ranked #4 in the CFP playoffs, while the Spartans are #5 in the rankings and one play (or correct officiating call) away from being undefeated.

Iowa and Michigan State both benefit from tremendous leadership at the Quarterback position.  The Hawkeye’s signal caller C.J. Beathard has never lost a game as a starter (includes one game in 2014), and Spartan veteran Connor Cook is an impressive 33-4 as a starting Quarterback.

Both teams also play a physical style that relies on an intimidating defense, a strong running game, and the execution of basic fundamentals that allow them to never beat themselves.

In preparation for Saturday’s showdown in Indianapolis, we provide the following top 12 facts (in no particular order) of where the players in the Big Ten Championship game are from (other title games: ACC, Pac-12).

Top 12 Roster Facts

1. Both rosters consists primarily of players from each team’s home state; there are 50 Hawkeyes from the state of Iowa and 40 Spartans from the state of Michigan.

2. There are 5 players on the Iowa roster who are from the state of Michigan, including star DB Desmond King who is from Detroit.

3. There are no players on the Michigan State roster who are from the state of Iowa.

4. There are no players on the Iowa roster from the state of Indiana, and there are only two players for Michigan State who are from the Hoosier state (neither are from the Indianapolis area).

5. Michigan State has 27 players on its roster from the state of Ohio, including Senior QB Connor Cook and four other current starters.

6. There is only one player from either team who is from the state of Tennessee; Iowa starting QB C.J. Beathard is from Franklin, Tennessee (Nashville area).

7. There are only two Michigan State starters who are not from a state home to a Big Ten team: WR Macgarrett Kings Jr. (Florida) and CB Arjen Colquhoun (Ontario, Canada).

8. Iowa has starters from 12 different states, including starters from the following states not home to a Big Ten team: Florida, New York, Oklahoma, South Dakota and Tennessee.

9. There are 20 players from the state of Illinois between the two rosters, including Brothers Brian and Jack Allen who are from Hinsdale, Illinois (Chicago area) and are both starters on the Michigan State offensive line.

10. Iowa is the only team in the Big Ten other than Nebraska who has players on its roster from the state of Nebraska; Iowa has 3 players, including 2 starters, from the Husker State.

11. There was only one player in the Big Ten this season from the state of Oregon and he plays for Michigan State; reserve Full-Back David Fennell is from Portland, Oregon.

12. Each team has one starter who is from Canada: Hawkeyes WR Tevaun Smith is from Toronto and Spartans CB Arjen Colquhoun is from Windsor, Ontario.

Sources: full rosters per official team websites (as of August 10, 2015) and starters based on week 13 participation reports.