Pac-12 Championship - Top 12 Roster Facts

December 4, 2015 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

The Pac-12 Championship game between Stanford and USC will take place in Santa Clara on Saturday night, and it’s the one Power 5 conference championship game of the weekend where the winner is likely to not be included in the 2015 College Football Playoffs.

Stanford is currently #7 in the CFP rankings, and it has an outside shot of the making the playoffs if it can defeat USC, but it also needs one of the top two teams in the country (Clemson or Alabama) to lose its title game.

Although the Pac-12 game may not have the same playoff implications as the other Power 5 championship games, it may be the most intense matchup of the weekend.

Before the 2015 season started, we ranked the most competitive in-state rivalry games in college football over the last ten years, and the Stanford vs. USC game was ranked #1 in our analysis (Best In-State Rivalries Over The Last 10 Years).

In preparation for Saturday’s in-state showdown, we provide the following top 12 facts (in no particular order) of where the players in the Pac-12 Championship game are from (other title games: ACC, Big Ten).

Top 12 Roster Facts

1. USC has almost three times as many players (78) from the state of California than Stanford does (27).

2. Excluding California, no state represents more than 7 players on the Stanford roster.

3. Excluding California, no state represents more than 4 players on the USC roster.

4. Excluding California, USC has the same amount of players from east of the Mississippi River as they do from west of the Mississippi River.

5. Stanford has 22 players on its roster who are from a state that is home to an SEC team; 3 of them are current starters.

6. USC has 12 players on its roster who are from a state that is home to an SEC team; none of them are starters.

7. Stanford has starters from 14 different states, including starters from the following east coast states: Maryland, New York, North Carolina, and Virginia.

8. USC has 16 starters from California and no other state represents more than 1 starter; the Trojans have starters from 3 east coast states.

9. Cardinal QB Kevin Hogan is from McLean, Virginia, which is almost 2,900 miles from the Stanford campus.

10. Trojan QB Cody Kessler is from Bakersfield, California, which is approximately 120 miles from the USC campus.

11. Stanford has at least one starter from each state that is home to a Pac-12 team.

12. Exactly half of the current Trojan starters are from the greater Los Angeles area.

Sources: full rosters per official team websites (as of August 10, 2015) and starters based on week 13 participation reports.