SbS Fantasy League: Week 8 Results

October 28, 2014 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

During the 2014 NFL season, SbS Football is simulating a fantasy football league in which the teams are based on the hometown states of current NFL players.  For more information on the league, including how the teams were developed, league rules and the weekly schedule, please see our Season Preview.

Week 8 Results
Game 1: Ohio River Valley defeated Florida (100.1 - 93.5)
Analysis: The Ohio River Valley team upset Florida thanks to solid weeks from wide-receivers Golden Tate (21.1 points) and Randall Cobb (18.6 points).

Game 2: Gulf Region defeated Georgia / SC (97.8 - 68.8)

Analysis: The Gulf Region team is now a perfect 8-0 as it once again benefited from the big games of Peyton Manning (23.3 points) and Matt Forte (24.8 points).

Game 3: Northeast defeated Mid-Atlantic (113.4 - 72.8)
Analysis: The Northeast team had its highest scoring total of the year thanks to a monster game from Pittsburgh, PA native Rob Gronkowski (32.9 points).

Game 4: Texas defeated California (141.6 - 97.5)
Analysis: Emmanual Sanders (30.6 points) and Andrew Luck (29.6 points) helped Texas produce the highest scoring week of the year; six of the eight players scored in double-digits.

Game 5: Midwest defeated West (105.3 - 61.7)
Analysis: Missouri native Jeremy Maclin (30.7 points) led the Midwest team to its third consecutive victory; the three wide-receivers for the West team (Jordy Nelson, Vincent Jackson and Wes Welker) combined for only 4.3 points.

Box Scores

Week 9 Schedule
Northeast vs. Florida
Mid-Atlantic vs. Georgia / SC
West vs. Ohio River Valley
Midwest vs. California
Gulf Region vs. Texas