SbS Fantasy League: Week 6 Results

October 14, 2014 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments
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During the 2014 NFL season, SbS Football is simulating a fantasy football league in which the teams are based on the hometown states of current NFL players.  For more information on the league, including how the teams were developed, league rules and the weekly schedule, please see our Season Preview.

Week 6 Results
Game 1: Georgia / SC defeated Florida (108.8 - 80.0)
Analysis: The Georgia / SC team moved to 0.500 on the season thanks to a huge game from Georgia native Cam Newton (35.9 points); Florida has lost two games in a row as its production at the QB position has been limited (Teddy Bridgewater this week and Blake Bortles last week).

Game 2: California defeated Northeast (125.1 - 72.7)

Analysis: Aaron Rodgers (25.6 points) and Arian Foster (26.1) carried the California team to another huge week, and California continues to be the highest scoring team in the league; the Northeast team has lost two in a row and also lost its top ranked WR (Victor Cruz) for the season.

Game 3: Ohio River Valley defeated Mid-Atlantic (88.4 - 64.5)
Analysis: After starting the season 0-4, the Ohio River Valley team has won two in a row thanks to a strong week from QB Jay Cutler (23.2 points) and Kicker Mike Nugent (13.0 points); the Mid-Atlantic team was hurt by a lack of production from Percy Harvin (-0.1 points) and Jimmy Graham's replacement, Vernon Davis (3.0 points).

Game 4: Gulf Region defeated West (89.3 - 72.8)
Analysis: The Gulf Region team is now 6-0 as it got another solid performance from both QB Peyton Manning (20.9 points) and RB Matt Forte (27.7 points); the West team fell to 3-3 despite big games from RB Demarco Murray (20.6 points) and WR Jordy Nelson (16.7 points).

Game 5: Midwest defeated Texas (83.8 - 68.6)
Analysis: The two Arizona Cardinals receivers from Minnesota, Larry Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd, both had over 10.0 points to lead the Midwest team to its third win of the season; the Texas team (1-5) now has the worst record in the league as it continues to suffer from the loss of Adrian Peterson.

Week 6 Box Scores

Week 7 Schedule
Florida vs. Mid-Atlantic
Georgia / SC vs. Ohio River Valley
Gulf Region vs. California
Northeast vs. Midwest
Texas vs. West