Pac-12 Rosters - Top 12 Facts

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With the college football season now in the middle of conference play, we wanted to provide some geographical highlights of this year’s pool of players for each of the Power 5 conferences.

Below are our top 12 facts (in no particular order) of where the players in the Pac-12 are from (other Power 5 conferences: ACCBig 12Big TenSEC).

1. Almost half (46.0%) of all the current players in the Pac-12 are from the state of California and more than half (52.7%) of the starters in the conference are from California.

2. Every team in the Pac-12 has at least one player from the following four states: Arizona, California, Texas and Washington. 

3. There are more players on Arizona State from California (34) than there are from the state of Arizona (32); there are also more starters from California (8) for the Sun Devils than there are from Arizona (5). 

4. There are 42 total Power 5 players from the state of Hawaii and 31 of them play in the Pac-12; every team in the Pac-12, except for USC, has at least one player from Hawaii. 

5. There are 10 players from the state of Texas on each of the following Pac-12 teams: Colorado, Oregon State, UCLA and Utah. 

6. Every team in the Pac-12, except for Arizona, has more starters from the state of California than any other state, including five non-California teams who have at least 10 starters from California (Colorado – 12, Oregon State – 11 , Utah – 10, Washington – 16, and Washington State – 12).

7. There are more starters in the Pac-12 from Texas (19) than there are from every state except California and Arizona (also has 19); there are four schools with at least 3 starters from Texas (Arizona State, Colorado, Oregon State, and UCLA). 

8. There are 7 teams in the Pac-12 whose starting Quarterback is from a different Pac-12 based state: Arizona State, Oregon, Oregon State, Utah and Washington starting QB’s are from California; Washington State’s starting QB is from Utah; and, Colorado’s starting QB is from Washington.

9. The Cal Bears have 99 players on their roster from the state of California, including 20 of their 22 starters. 

10. There are only 2 starters on Oregon State from the state of Oregon, less than California (11), Washington (3) and Texas (3). 

11. All but one starter on the Washington Huskies is from either California (16) or Washington (5).

12. The Stanford Cardinal have starters from 12 different states, including starters from the following eastern states: Georgia, Illinois, New York, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.


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Maps of Power 5 Players and Starters (all conferences)

Note: all statistics are based on team rosters from mid-August 2015 and participation reports from week 7 (or week 6 if no game in week 7).