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With the college football season now in the middle of conference play, we wanted to provide some geographical highlights of this year’s pool of players for each of the Power 5 conferences.

Below are our top 12 facts (in no particular order) of where the players in the SEC are from (other Power 5 conferences: ACCBig 12Big TenPac-12).

1. There are more players in the SEC from the state of Georgia (16.8%) than any other state; the next most are from Florida (14.1%) and Texas (11.2%).

2. Approximately 83 percent of all players in the SEC are from an SEC-based state, the highest percentage of the Power 5 conferences (next highest percentage: ACC, 75%). 

3. Among the Power 5 conferences, the SEC has the least amount of players from the state of California. 

4. There are 46 players in the SEC from the state of Arkansas and 41 of them play for the home state Razorbacks. 

5. There are 44 players from the state of Tennessee who play for the home state Volunteers and only 17 players from the state who play for Vanderbilt. 

6. Approximately 88 percent of Power 5 players from the state of Mississippi play in the SEC, including 66 players on Mississippi State and 48 on Ole Miss. 

7. Approximately one-third of all the starters in the SEC are from either Florida (49) or Georgia (46).

8. There are 25 starters in the conference who are from the state of Louisiana and all play in the SEC West, including 14 for LSU. 

9. The Alabama Crimson Tide have starters from 13 different states, including starters from the following non-SEC states: California, Colorado, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, Ohio, and Virginia. 

10. Only two SEC teams have a starting Quarterback who is from a non-SEC state (Ole Miss and Texas A&M). 

11. There are only two teams in the SEC who don’t have the majority of their starters from their home state: Auburn (most of its starters from Georgia) and Kentucky (most of its starters from Florida). 

12. There are less than 10 starters in the conference from the following SEC states: Arkansas (8 starters, incuding 7 on the Razorbacks), Missouri (all 8 starters play for the Tigers), and Kentucky (5 starters, including 4 for the Wildcats).


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Maps of Power 5 Players and Starters (all conferences)

Note: all statistics are based on team rosters from mid-August 2015 and participation reports from week 7 (or week 6 if no game in week 7).