2015 NFL Opening Day Rosters - Top 12 Facts

September 11, 2015 by SbS Football Staff | with 0 comments

Another NFL season kicks off this weekend in what is sure to be another exciting year.  With every team’s 53-man active roster set for the first week, we wanted to provide some geographical highlights of this year’s pool of players.

Below are our top 12 facts (in no particular order) of where the 2015 NFL players are from.

1. Florida has more active players on NFL rosters than any other state (12.4% of the league); California (13.3%) had the most in 2014 (Florida was 2nd). 

2. Almost half of all NFL players (48.8% of the league) come from the following six “warm climate” states: Florida, California, Texas, Georgia, Alabama and Louisiana. 


3. There are four states with no active players on NFL rosters: Alaska, Rhode Island, Vermont and Wyoming. 

4. There are 30 players from the state of Mississippi (31st most populated state), which is one more than the number of players from the state of New York (3rd most populated state). 

5. There are 55 players from the state of North Carolina and none of them are on the Carolina Panthers opening weekend roster. 

6. There are nine players from the state of Montana, which gives the state the 7th most on a per capita basis (Montana is the 7th least populated state) 

7. There are 27 Quarterbacks who are from either California or Texas, including thirteen who are projected as Week 1 starters (seven from Texas and six from California). 

8. There are six Quarterbacks from the state of Florida (most total players), which is only one more than the number of Quarterbacks from Pennsylvania (9th most players) and Virginia (13th most players). 

9. There are only two Quarterbacks from the state of Ohio (Ben Roethlisberger and Brian Hoyer). 

10. Illinois ranks 15th in total players, but 3rd in Tight Ends (eight) and 6th in Offensive Lineman (thirteen). 

11. There are only fourteen players from the state of Oklahoma and two of them are Kickers (Dan Bailey and Josh Brown). 

12. There are 21 players who are originally from outside of the United States, including three punters (two from Australia and one from Canada).

Note: statistics based on "active" players only as of September 8, 2015