Our Methodology

SbS Football is focused on providing football data and analytics with a geographic approach.  We use a distinct process of providing football information at a state level and analyzing the unique aspects of football from a geographic perspective.

State Profiles

SbS Football has created "state profiles" for all 50 states and D.C. The state profiles include team information, season results, analysis of players from the state, and other relevant football related information.

Teams are assigned to the state in which they are physically located (i.e. the state in which they play their home games). However, an exception is made for three NFL teams that are located in a state we do not consider to be its primary state.
  • The New York Giants (located in New Jersey) are included in the New York profile.
  • The New York Jets (located in New Jersey) are included in the New York profile.
  • The Washington Redskins (located in Maryland) are included in the District of Columbia. 

State Rankings

SbS Football analyzes the performance of each state's football season and compares states rank versus one another. Rankings are based on current season results and consider the following factors.
  • The performance of a team in a state's profile is weighted based on what league they play in (both positively and negatively).  The results of NFL and NCAA DI FBS teams are weighted the most.  NCAA DI FCS teams carry the next highest weight, followed by the NCAA DII teams and then finally the NCAA DIII teams.
  • Because each state has a unique football profile, some states will have limitations on their rankings.  States with no NFL or NCAA DI FBS teams (e.g. Montana, North Dakota, etc.) will have limited upside (and downside) to their rankings.
  • The rankings are solely based on team performance within a state and do not consider individual player performance.
  • Post-season appearances and results will greatly impact rankings toward the end of the season.
  • Expectations of teams, including pre-season rankings, are considered and can impact a state's ranking both positively and negatively.


The state profiles and state rankings do not include football teams that play in any other league besides the NFL or the NCAA (Arena Football League, NAIA, NJCAA, High School, etc.).