Players from the State

Current PlayersPlayers per Capita
LeaguePercentageState RankPer 1MState Rank
NFL - Current Players1.6%194.427
NFL - Draft1.5%197.225
NFL - Hall of Famers0.7%310.338
DI FBS - Current Players1.4%1930.829
DI FCS - Current Players1.1%2519.737
High School - 4 & 5 STAR Recruits1.5%180.820

Team Profiles

League Team Nickname City Conference
NFL Arizona Cardinals Glendale NFC West
DI - FBS Arizona Wildcats Tucson Pac 12 - South
DI - FBS Arizona State Sun Devils Tempe Pac 12 - South
DI - FCS Northern Arizona Lumberjacks Flagstaff Big Sky

Player distributions were calculated by SbS Football and are based on the following sources.

  • NFL players are based on opening day rosters per team websites, and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  • FBS/FCS players are based on the rosters form official team websites (as of mid-August).
  • High School 4 and 5 Star players are based on the current Senior class per 247Sports' composite ranking (as of mid-August).
  • Per capita figures are on a per million population basis (2010 census).

Teams are assigned to the state in which they are physically located (i.e. the state where they play their home games). However, an exception is made for three NFL teams physically located in a state we do not consider to be its primary state.

  • The New York Giants (located in New Jersey) are included in the New York profile.
  • The New York Jets (located in New Jersey) are included in the New York profile.
  • The Washington Redskins (located in Maryland) are included in the District of Columbia profile.
The team profiles do not include any teams playing in league besides the NFL or the NCAA (Arena Football League, NAIA, NJCAA, High School, etc.).
All data and information obtained through team websites, the NFL and the NCAA.